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Heard A Good Book Lately?

For busy people on the go, audiobooks may offer the perfect way to enjoy good reads today. 

Sam is a long distance truck driver.  “Listening to books keeps me alert and entertained through long hours driving cross country”, he says.  “I check out a stack of audiobooks before heading out of town on every trip.”

Karen walks on her treadmill most days and listens to audiobooks to occupy her mind while walking off pounds.  “Listening to a good story is perfect for alleviating the tedium of the treadmill.  A good narrator can take my mind off how much farther I need to walk and before I know it, I’ve finished my routine.  I can’t wait for the next session to find out what happens in my book.”

Audiobooks are available in several formats for borrowing free from Tazewell County Public Library.

Digital audiobooks will be available soon through Southwest Virginia Public Libraries at  These may be downloaded to a computer and transferred to a portable listening device or, in some cases, burned to CD.  The initial collection includes 150 titles of adult fiction but will be expanding soon.  Eventually, the collection will include materials for children and teens, and adult nonfiction.

Playaways are self-contained audiobooks, with the player and content in a single unit ready to play away.  The device is about the size of a deck of cards and can be carried in a pocket.  The listener will need a set of earbuds and, perhaps, a lanyard to hang the unit around the neck.  The library collection includes 113 Playaways.

Books on CD require a compact disc player, and include content on several CDs.  The library collection includes 140 titles currently.

Books on Tape require an audiocassette player.  This collection, as the oldest, is the largest with 1769 titles.

A listener may borrow any of these audio materials for 14 days.  Renewals are available for all but the digital audiobooks.  At the end of the 14-day lending period, the digital audiobook is automatically returned to the library for lending to another listener.  The file on the listener’s computer or portable device is then scrambled and must be deleted.

If a physical audiobook is returned after the due date, a fine of ten cents/day/item is assessed.  Digital books do not accrue fines.

For more information, call the Library at 988.2541.  Happy listening!

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