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Sinatra, Library Cat

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Sinatra the Library Cat


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By Adam Howington

“Ol’ Blue Eyes.”  Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra, was widely known for his pair of baby blues.In April of 2010, that term brought on a whole new meaning to the workers at Tazewell County Public Library. A stray cat, with fluffy white and cream fur had begun to hang around the Richlands Branch.  At the time he was extremely thin and lacked a home.

Sinatra 3

He had no name that we knew of, so branch manager Jami M. took the liberty of giving him one: “Sinatra.”  He remained faithful to residing on the porch of the library until July of that same year.  At that time he was officially “adopted” by the library, brought inside and given a home, quite a large home to be precise.One of the oldest living buildings in Richlands, VA, the library is a three story house that was built in 1890.

Sinatra 2

Since making his home at the library, Sinatra has been cared for medically and fed plenty.  We must put emphasis on the latter part of that sentence.  He roams wherever he wishes, runs up and down the stairs, is adored by employees and patrons alike; yet the most unique part of the story is a mystery to us.  Although he knows he’s living the good life, he is extremely patient with people and doesn’t take his new life for granted.  He is let outside each and every day, and he never strays farther than the front porch.  We are unsure of what kind of life he lived before coming here, but we know that he enjoys what he has now, and he shows it each and every day.

Sinatra 4

Each morning, Sinatra greets the workers by jumping on the front desk counter and begging for attention (and food).  He has unlimited energy and constantly runs around the library and likes to play with toys.  It’s easy to say that Sinatra the Library Cat has become like family to all of us here at Richlands.


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