Where's the beef? A prime consideration . . .

It is essential to know:

  • The date of the county's formation
    • Tazewell was established 19 December 1799 from Wythe and Russell. Records for Tazewell begin in 1800.
  • The where and the when of your ancestor's residency
    • Was he in Tazewell County before 1800? If so, it will be necessary to consult records of Tazewell County's parent counties.


The Ancestry of Tazewell County

(From Schreiner-Yantis, Netti. 1820 Census of Tazewell County, Virginia)
Tazewell County was formed in 1799 from parts of Wythe and Russell. People had been living on the land that fell within the boundaries of this county for as long as fifty years prior to this date. Where, then, are the records pertaining to these people before it became Tazewell County? Below is a sketch showing the various counties in which this same property might have been located back as far as it was inhabited by white man. After checking the records of Tazewell County, go to the records of these other counties for the dates specified.

Note: The records of Fincastle County, which dissolved after four years, are held in the Montgomery County Courthouse in Christiansburg.