Family histories

Published and Cataloged

Harman, J. N.  Annals of Tazewell County, Virginia, 1800-1922.
Family histories, Vol. II, pp. 331-589

Tazewell County Historical Society.  Tazewell County heritage, Tazewell County, Virginia, 1799-1995.
Contains many family histories, prepared and submitted by contributors (unverified by the Society).

More than 100 volumes on individual families, shelved by author's last name.

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Addington, Hugh M. Charles Kilgore of King’s Mountain: A new history of the Kilgore family.

Agricola, David V. Descendants of James and Florence (Graham) Patton of Floyd County, Kentucky.

Albert, Ethel Evans. Links with the past: A genealogical and historical account of the Albert and related families.

Albert, Ethel Evans. Southwest Virginia kin: A genealogical and historical account of the Evans, Ferrell, Kelly, Counts, Stinson, and related families.

Alderman, Pat. Tilson Grist Mill: Mountain folklore genealogy.

Alexander, Virginia Wood. Whitten and allied families.

Anderson, Judy B. Virginia connections, 1722-1986: A genealogical history of the Thompson-Ward families of Tazewell and Wythe County, Virginia, with histories and supplemental material on the direct-line ancestors of the compiler of this work, which feed into the Thompson or Ward line.

Anderson, Judy B. Virginia connections II, 1722-1987: A genealogy of the Thompson-Ward family originating in Augusta County, Virginia, and migrating to Kentucky, southwest Virginia, Tennessee and other states to the north, south and west.

Anderson, Judy B. Virginia connections: A genealogical history of the Thompson-Ward family originating in Southwest Virginia: in three parts.

Anderson, Terry Jay. Anderson and Hackney genealogy: With Anderson family records.

Asbury, Carl E. Asburys in America.


Ball, Palmer Ray. The Ball family of southwest Virginia: A genealogy of some of the descendants of Moses Ball of Fairfax County.

Bartram, Violet W. Bartram branches: Genealogy of the families of West Virginia, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

Bird, Wyrene Leister. At last, dawns the morning to victory!

Blakemore, John A. Buchanan, the family history of James Buchanan, son of Alexander Buchanan of Pennsylvania, 1702-197.

Bower, Charles H. The genealogy of the Jacob Bauer-Bower family.

Bower, Charles H. The Bower Homestead.

Bower, Charles H. The genealogy of the William Floyd Belcher, Sr. family.

Bradshaw, J. Douglas. The Wigfield and Nelson families of Fauquier Co., Virginia: Being a compilation of the ancestors & descendants of Thomas Smith Wigfield (1813-1897) and Anne E. Nelson (1817-1879) and allied families.

Braswell, Irene French. French families of America, 1700-1980: The Williamsons, 1691-1980.

Brewster, Sam F. William B. Bruster, Virginia – Tennessee, 1793-1853: Notes, comments and observations.

Brown, Alexander. The Cabells and their kin: A memorial volume of history, biography, and genealogy.

Brown, James Moore. The captives of Abb’s Valley: A legend of frontier life.

Brown, Stuart E. Pocahontas’ descendants: A revision, enlargement, and extension of the list as set out by Wyndham Robertson in his book Pocahontas and her descendants (1887).

Brown, Stuart E. Pocahontas’ descendants. Supplement.

Burke, Bob. These be thine arms forever: 35 centuries of Burkes.

Burke, Eugene. 3,500 years of Burkes.

Bush, Clifton W. From the Bush’s to the Joyce’s & in-between.

Bybee, Helen Belshe. The Belshe family tree

Byrd Family Association of Fries, Virginia. Book Committee. The early Byrds of Grayson County, Virginia and many of their descendants.


Carnahan, Sallie S. The descendants of James and Rachel Holmes Scott: Commemorating the 200th anniversary of their importation, August 21, 1771, recorded in Augusta County Courthouse records, Order book XIV, page 255.

Carte, Carrie Cathern. The Forebearers and descendants of William Taylor and Mahala Cromwell.

Carter, B. Noland. A goodly heritage: A history of the Carter family in Virginia.

Charles, Clell E. History of Charles family in eastern Kentucky, southwest Virginia.

Cline, Cecil L. The Clines and allied families of the Tug River Region of Kentucky and West Virginia: A historical and genealogical study of the pioneer settlers and their descendants.

Copenhaver, Mildred M. The Copenhaver family of Smyth County, Virginia: A family record of some of the descendants of Frederick Copenhaver.

Crabtree, Norma Jean. Leaving a trail 2: Crabtree, Bales, Jackson-(Lynam), Presley.

Crockett, James E. A Crockett family chronicle: From Scotland through Ireland to America: A 300-year history of a Scotch-Irish family.

Crockett, James E. Crockett family reunion: Kin of Dr. James & Attellia [i.e. Attelia] Crockett, Burke’s Garden, Tazewell County, Virginia, June 23, 1990, Lutherville, Maryland.

Currier, Philip Joseph. Ancestry of Philip Joseph Currier: Ancestors who did not emigrate, seven hundred eleven with surnames: Immigrant ancestors, four hundred ninety two with surnames: Ancestors born in New England, four hundred twenty two with surnames.

Cutchshaw, Lura Elizabeth. Stephen Bourn and Rosamond Mallory: Descendants – related families, 1650-1982.


Davison, Frieda M. Honaker family in America.

Day, Bessie R. My Family: Johnson, Palmer, Wright, Duncan.

Day, Jesse H. Day family birth, marriage and death records of McDowell County, West Virginia.

Day, Jesse H. Some Days from Virginia.

Donnelly, Mary Louise. Texas trails of our Tollett family.

Dunlap, Wilma Walker. Then along came Joe: A Walker family history beginning with George Walker, Sr., of Botetourt County, Virginia.


Edwards, Ernestine Ratcliffe. A story of two Tennessee families: Edwards – Hyder.

Evans, Norma Pontiff. The ancestry and descendants of William Riley Shumate, 1777-1979.


Fluhart, Danny Morris. The Meek family of Washington County, Virginia: Some descendants of Joseph Meek, Sr.

Foley, Joan Looney. Edgar Pierce Looney: his life and family, 1916-1945.

Foley, Mary Dodd. Dodd-Hale and related families: A goodly heritage.

Fraser, William, Sir. Memoirs of the Maxwells of Pollok.

Fraser, William, Sir. The book of Carlaverock: Memoirs of the Maxwells, earls of Nithsdale, lords Maxwell & Herries.

Fraser, William, Sir. Memoirs of the Maxwells of Pollok.

Frazier, Irvin. The family of John Lewis, pioneer.

French, Janie Preston Collup. The Crockett family and connecting lines.

Fuller, Gerald Ralph. The Hoopes family record: A genealogical record of the Hoopes family, descendants of Daniel Hoopes of Westtown, Chester County, Pennsylvania.


Gill, Everett R. The Gill family of Washington County, Virginia: A genealogy of Joseph Gill, Sr. (1788-abt. 1853), Jacob Gill, Sr. (1834-1916), James Washington Gill, Sr. (1857-1890), James Washington Gill, Jr. (1879-1943), Edna Rowena (Gill) Roberts (1909): Related families, Jones, Faris, Cadle, Lester.

Gillespie, Carrie Stump. You can go home again: A head full of memories (as recalled by a family of a dozen).

Gilmer, Ellen Conduff. Conduff-Gilmer lineage and connections.

Givens, Dorothy Hall. A Givens-Hall family history from pre-Revolutionary times to 1970: Including many related families such as Alexander, Bowman, Black, Chapman, French, Green, Johnston, Phlegar, Ross, Snidow, Stafford, Welker and others.

Gose, George B. Pioneers of the Virginia bluegrass (and their descendants).

Grady, Jamie Ault. Bowens of Virginia and Tennessee: Descendants of John Bowen and Lily McIlhaney

Gray, Mary Preston. The family tree.

Greever, John. History and genealogy of the Greever/Griever/Greaver/Gerver family of Virginia.

Groseclose, B. Clark. Grosecloses and descendants in America: (With short stories of nineteen related families).


Haley, Edward Franklyn. Haley and related families.

Harman, John Newton. Harman genealogy (southern branch) with biographical sketches, 1700-1924.

Harrison, Crockett Allen. The Allens and the Harrisons of the Kingdom of Callaway: Where they came from, why they came to America, what they encountered, and their part in settling and developing a new land.

Hatcher, Thomas C. The Adam Waggoner family of Tazewell and Montgomery Counties, Virginia, 1750-1996.

Hoge, John Howe. Journal of Dr. John Howe Hoge, 1877-1896.

Hoge, Louise G. Virginia Mosses.

Holley, Minnie C. Glimpses of Tazewell through the Holley heritage.

Holsinger, Paul G. Descendants of David Holsinger of Virginia.

Howe, Daniel Dunbar. Listen to the mockingbird: The life and times of a pioneer Virginia family.

Howe, Mary Ellen. Richard Bailey of Chesterfield and Tazewell counties, Virginia, and his descendants.

Hurley, Charles. Samuel Robert and Sarah (Moore) Hurley and related families.

Hurley, W.N. (William Neal). The ancestry of William Neal Hurley III [sic]: A record of many of his ancestors and present day relatives who share the common ancestry…

Hurley, W.N. (William Neal). Hurley and related families: Being primarily a chronical [sic] of the descendants of Daniel Hurley, c. 1658-1706, the immigrant to Maryland, principally of Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

Hurley, W.N. (William Neal). Neikirk-Newkirk and related families.

Hurley, W.N. (William Neal). Pratt, the descendants of Henry Pratt born before1765 in Virginia, and Lowder, the descendants of John and Hannah Lowder, the Quakers of North Carolina: Together with their families.


Johnson, Jan Simmons. The house of Franciscus: 1700-2000 AD.

Johnson, Patricia Givens. Springfield sage: The Thompsons of Fort Thompson on New River, Pulaski County, Virginia.

Jourdan, Elise Greenup. Greenup, Witten, Cecil.


Kelly, John Alexander. The ancestors and descendants of Judge John Alexander Kelly and Martha Matilda Peck Kelly and related families, 1515-1959: Kelly, Alexander-Howell, Peck, Borden, Burke, Snidow.


Landers, John Poindexter. Poingdestre-Poindexter: A Norman family through the ages, 1250-1977.

Lea, Reba Fitzpatrick. The “Belfield” Fitzpatricks and “Elim” Colemans: Their history and genealogy.

Leedy, James B. Descendents of John Leedy III (1774-1842).

Lewis, George. The descendants of John and Roda Lewis of Tazewell County, VA.

Lindstrom, Joyce. The Van Hoose, Van Hooser, Van Huss family in the United States.

Linkous, Clovis E. The Linkous family history: Henry Linkous (1742-1822): 5000 descendants in 10 generations.

Llamas, Judith King. John and Rebecca Compton: Pioneer settlers of Tazewell County, Virginia.

Lower, Samuel S. Peter Gose Litz (1802-1880) and his wife Sarah Gose (1805-1860): Ancestors, descendants and history: Burke’s Garden, Tazewell, Virginia.


Manson, Robert W. The Lambert family of old Wythe County, Virginia, 1778-1930.

McColman, Ora Belle Mayberry. Emera Alitzer of Montgomery County, VA and some of his descendants, 1736-1997.

McConnell, Catherine S. Sänders saga; [a genealogy].

McFarland, Gerald W. A scattered people: An American family moves West.

McReynolds, June Ratcliffe. Our Radclyffe heritage: A history of the Radclyffe family in England and Virginia.

Merrill, Eleanor Brown. A Virginia heritage.

Merritt, King. Historical perspectives of Charles Merritt, ca. 1652-1718: Including his family and some descendants.

Meyer, Mary Ann Testerman. Testerman, Testament, Testement.

Montague, Ludwell Lee. Shaping a nation: Stories of the Lees.

Moore, Robert H. Captives of Abb's Valley, volume II of the Brown, Woodworth edition: with recent genealogies and histories not included in volume I.

Morgan, Clarita H. (Clarita Hutchison). Reverend Edward Morgan, 1751?-1844: Pioneer local preacher of the Methodist Episcopal Church in southwest Virginia.


Nash, Claude W. Some Nashes of Virginia: Two hundred years of an American family.

Nuckols, Ashley Kay. The Harman-Harmon family marriage records, 1800-1993, Tazewell County, Va.

Nuckols, Ashley Kay. Marriage records, 1800-1993, Peery/Perry families: Taken from the Tazewell County, Va. Circuit Court records.


Pankey, George Edward. John Pankey of Manakin Town, Virginia, and his descendants.

Patrick, Lee Wellington. Patrick in retrospect.

Peery, Elizabeth Letitia. A Peery family portrait.

Peery, S. Paul. Generations: Peery family history, 1740-1996.

Peery, Thomas Leaver. A saga of the Peery family: Colonial America and pioneer days, 1742-1970.

Peters, E. Ann. Peters family pioneers: Including Peters, Ashby, Snow, Walker, Toon, Jones, Grisinger, Alexander, Maxwell, Hall, Nocks, Hawley, Oglesby, Noel, Powell, Oelfke, and Buck families, my ancestors.

Pfafman, Robert F. (Robert Frederick). Litz family genealogy.

Pippenger, Wesley E. John Alexander: A Northern Neck proprietor: His family, friends, and kin.


Ratcliffe Foundation. Keepers of the name and the blood: History of the Redclyffe, Radcliff, Ratcliffe, and Ratliff family.

Ratliff, Larry. Some descendants of John Ratliff & Charlotte White, 1765-1997.

Ratliff, Ralph H. My Ratliff family, 1730’s-1990.

Rife, A. Dewey (Admiral Dewey). History of Rife and Riffe families.

Richards, Roy. Alice: a life well lived.

Robertson, Wyndham. Pocahontas, alias Matoaka, and her descendants through her marriage at Jamestown, Virginia, in April 1614, with John Rolfe, gentleman…: With biographical sketches.

Roesch, Helen B. The Moore’s of Liberty Hill, Tazewell County, Virginia.

Royall, William Archer. Directory of descendants of John Powell Royall, born Danville, Va., June 1, 1874, died Tazewell, Va., August 14, 1945; Jennie McDonald Bowen, born Crockett’s Cove, Wythe Co., Va., February 7, 1883, died Tazewell, Va., October 7, 1963.


Sampson, John Russell, Mrs. Kith and kin.

Sanders, William. The Clay family settlement on the Bluestone River.

Saylors, Lella Gertrude. Hache-Hash genealogy and allied lines.

Schreiner-Yantis, Netti. The Bailey family: Ancestors & descendants of George Patton Bailey who was born in 1865 in Wyoming County, West Virginia.

Shackelford, George Green. Collected papers to commemorate fifty years of the Monticello Association of the Descendants of Thomas Jefferson.

Shrader, B. R. Descendants of John Preston Lester and Ellen Jane Cecil.

Snider, Cynthia E. Bateman, Grayson, Boyett, Carter, and Cole families and their kin as they marked the way.

Spraker, Ella Atterbury. The Boone family: A genealogical history of the descendants of George and Mary Boone who came to America in 1717, containing many unpublished bits of early Kentucky history.

Steele, Carl Edmond. Steele, a gathering of the clan.

Steele, Eva Belle. A Steele tribe of Virginia.

Stephens, Anthony Kent. Journey of the Stephens and Stevens families: ancestors and descendants.

Sturgill, Kenneth Lee. A history of the Gollehon family.

Sturgill, Kenneth Lee. A southern family in the Civil War.

Sutton, Rita K. (Rita Kennedy). Early Osbornes and Alleys: With notes on allied families.


Taft, Eva Eileen Burkett. The descendents of James Tolbert Burkett, 1830-1992.

Taft, Eva Eileen Burkett. The descendents and ancestors of George Burkett (1788-1877) and Jane Spence Burkett (1793-1883) and their children, William Burkett, Jacob Burkett, Delilah Burkett Spence, Mary Burkett Alder, (James Burkett), Peter Burkett.

Taft, Kingsley Arter. The descendents of Peter Alder (ca 1788-Sept. 3, 1873) and Mahala Rickey (ca 1795-1860’s).


Venable, Elizabeth Marshall. Venables of Virginia: An account of the ancestors and descendants of Samuel Woodson Venable of “Springfield” and of his brother William Lewis Venable of “Haymarket”, both of Prince Edward County, Virginia.


Walker, Edward R. Walking with the Walkers.

Wayland, John Walter. The Lincolns in Virginia.

West, Jennings Chapman. Our West ancestors (and their descendants).

White, Barnetta McGhee. In search of kith and kin: The history of a southern black family.

Whitt, Elaine. Whitt genealogy: Descendants of Hezekiah Whitt.

Witten, Mary Riner. “Down memory lane with my mother”.

Witten, William. Witten letters, 1840-1948: Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oregon, Tennessee.