Focusing in: topical guides



Askin, Jane. Search: a handbook for adoptees and birth parents.

Brown, T.A. Adoption records handbook: birth family searches made easier with self-help tips, registries, search angels, pro se legal forms, etc..

Adoption and Orphans Research


Brick Walls

Rising, Marsha Hoffman.  The FamilyTree problem solver: proven methods for scaling the inevitable brick wall.



Fitzpatrick, Colleen.  Forensic genealogy.

Smolenyak, Megan.  Trace your roots with DNA: using genetic tests to explore your family tree.



Earnest, Corinne P. The genealogist's guide to fraktur: for genealogists researching German-American families.

Guide to seventeenth century Virginia court handwriting.

Stryker-Rodda, Harriet.  Understanding colonial handwriting.


History Timelines

Jacobson, Judy.  History for genealogists.
Understanding timelines of history can lend context to your ancestor’s movements and offer clues to his paths.



Fitzpatrick, Colleen.  The dead horse investigation: forensic photo analysis for everyone.



Ancestry's red book: American state, county & town sources.
An overview by state of records maintained, including census, vital, land, court, periodicals, tax, cemetery, church and others.  Includes tables for records held in localities.  Historical background for each state.  Greater depth than Handy book for genealogists.

Colletta, John Philip.  They came in ships: a guide to finding your immigrant ancestor’s arrival record.

Handy book for genealogists.
Guide to records available, arranged by state and locality.  Includes state maps with current county boundaries, lists of repositories, lists of printed sources.

Kemp, Jay.  International vital records handbook.
Application forms and ordering information for all fifty states, and many countries  round the world. Includes information about online resources and how to deal with restricted access to records. May need to verify currency of addresses and fees

Meyerink, Kory L. Printed sources: a guide to published genealogical records.

Schaefer, Christina K.  Genealogical encyclopedia of the colonial Americas: a complete digest of the records of all the countries of the western hemisphere.
Sources and lists of colonial records for the 13 colonies, other U. S. states with settlements prior to the Revolution, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Canada.

Szucs, Loretto Dennis and Pamela Luebking.  The source: a guidebook of American genealogy.
A thorough overview of records by type with explanations for their use.


Online Research

Crume, Rick.  Plugging into your past: how to find real family history records online.

A categorized list of more than 300,000 links to genealogical websites

Dollarhide, William.  Getting started in genealogy online.

Kovacs, Diane K.  Genealogical research on the web.



McGinnis, Carol.  Virginia genealogy: sources & resources.
Excellent overview of the records maintained by the Commonwealth and in localities.  Includes listings for local public libraries, courthouses, historical societies, and other repositories.  Information was supplied by the repositories, with varying attention to detail and completeness.



Schaefer, Christina K.  The hidden half of the family: a sourcebook for women’s genealogy.



Bentley, Elizabeth Petty.  Genealogist's address book

Genealogical and Local History Books in Print, 5th ed.
Multi-volume list of books available for purchase arranged by type of research, place, or surname.  Dated, but may be worthwhile to identify additional materials which, although no longer in print, might be available via interlibrary loan.