Roads and migration routes

Eldridge, Carrie.  An atlas of Appalachian trails to the Ohio River

Kegley, Mary.  Finding their way: from the Great Road to the Wilderness Road, 1745-1796.

Melvin, Elizabeth Monk.  Burke's Garden, Virginia: the influence of settlement patterns on transportation system development, 1750-1975.

Pawlett, Nathaniel Mason.  Early road location: the key to discovering historic resources?
Library of Virginia

  • Board of Public Works
  • Records include maps of early roads
    • Abb's Valley and Tug's Road Turnpike
    • Cumberland Gap and Price's Turnpike
    • Fancy Gap Turnpike
    • Jeffersonville, Marion and Rye Valley Turnpike
    • Indian Creek Turnpike
    • Richlands and Kentucky Line
    • Raleigh and Wythe Line Turnpike
    • Wolf Creek Turnpike
    • Tazewell Courthouse and Fancy Gap Turnpike
    • Tazewell Courthouse and Richlands Turnpike
    • Tazewell Courthouse and Saltville Turnpike

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