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Fun Summer Reading

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Summer is for fun and relaxation. Try these entertaining books great for the beach or the back porch.

Joelle Charbonneau
Skating around the Law

Jami McDonald recommends this as "a great mystery to tote along on your summer vacation. Rebecca Robbins, who is a successful mortgage broker in Chicago, returns to her quaint hometown of Indian Falls after the death of her mother. Rebecca's main goal is to sell her mother's beloved roller skating rink and return to her life in the city as quickly as possible. Rebecca's plans go terribly awry, however, when she finds the rink's maintenance man murdered in the rink's public restroom. Fearing that an unsolved crime will deter any prospective buyer from purchasing the rink, Rebecca sets out to solve the murder. Along the way, readers are introduced to several quirky characters including a handsome veter-inarian who has a pet camel named Elwood. Will Rebecca be able to solve the mystery?  And, more importantly, will she be able to make it once around the rink without falling on her bottom!?  Fans of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series will be sure to enjoy this witty murder mystery."

Brian Falkner 
Brain Jack
Adam Howington says "as a recent graduate in the field of Computer Technology, I was hooked when I read the plot of this book. Sam isn't your everyday computer geek like most of us. Have you ever taken a class or tried to pick up on playing a sport and met that one person who is just naturally good at it?  That's our main character, Sam. He just gets computers and at the young age of seventeen, hacks into The White House, lands himself in jail, manages to hack his way out of jail, and ends up working for the government doing top secret security sweeps for The Pentagon. Sam meets a group of young misfits like himself, and is told that in order to get into the ultimate "hacker" convention, he must hack into The White House. Of course, Sam does it, and after a stint in jail where he meets and befriends a young man named Kiwi, he is picked up by the government. Turns out, there is no convention. The White House job, getting out of jail, and all the trials he's been through, were all a test. Now, with his new teammates and friends, including Kiwi, he must protect the United States with his knowledge of computers from threats, and is exposed to a rich, exciting and mind-blowing new life full of adventure and risk."
Gary Paulsen 
Lawn Boy 
In this hilarious tale, Lawn Boy receives a second-hand lawn mower from his grandmother for his 12th birthday and an entrepreneur is born. When the neighbors see the good job he has done on his lawn, they ask him to mow their lawns, too. Then THEIR neighbors sign on, and before you know it, Lawn Boy has more than he can keep up with and has to hire help. And he needs a money manager to bank the mountain of cash he's raking in. This is a funny lesson in economics for kids (and parents, too), and it just might spark a budding businessman or woman into summer action.         

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